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What is Metaverse ?

Mark Z explains


Easy to understand Videos in the oven. 


Expert Teachers

We are looking for those who know about Metaverse and can write or talk about it. This is a community platform so you can use it for telling others about the opportunity in web.3.0

Our Course Benefits


Online Community

The world is coming together.  Metaverse will see the Artists coming back to main stream. Animators, artists, musicians and writers must start getting ready for this new opportunity 


Flexible Curriculum

The content and videos over here are given free as of now. So make the best use of this opportunity. Those who spend more time on this site can expect a surprise. 


Learning about Blockchain and the Metaverse has never been easier!
I am more than sure that this website will be a gold mine for all you Blockchain and Metaverse enthusiasts out there. The website is designed as a portal, offering various sections to explore with links to informative videos and articles.
Pros - Great design and layout that is easy to navigate.
Cons - There are not many yet, but this website is still in its infancy. I expect there will be some in the future. Not many content yet but the website has just opened and it's really promising.

Naveen Krishna 

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