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Carrefour buys property in sandbox

Carrefour buys a plot in the metaverse The Sandbox, an online world where you can do anything. They build their own virtual city and start selling products to residents of that town. In this way they are able to reach millions of potential customers who would never have been exposed to Carrefour's brand otherwise.

Carrefour is a French multinational retailer that operates the second largest chain of hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores in France. Carrefoure's business has grown largely by acquiring other companies with retail formats best suited to local customers. Carrefour SA is currently Europe’s leading food retailer with over 12,300 employees operating under 19 different brands including store names like “Carrefour Market” or “Casino Supermarchés" (in France) as well as "TSUKUNI (Japan), ICA Sverige (Sweden), JUMBO Shopping Centre Group Norden AB/Åland; SEB Svenskt Köpkraftsparkontor A-Stores SIA/Lithuania; Casino Luxembourg SARL".

The Carrefour CEO had spoken about a program called 'blockchain chicken', which was basically a meat traceability program based on a private blockchain which helped to keep track of every step of the process. As a result of it, all parties in the food supply chain, including producers, processors, and distributors, can provide traceability information about their respective roles. This allows each batch to be traced and added to the database, including the dates, locations, farm buildings, channels, and potential treatments.

So Carrefour is not a spring chicken when it comes to innovation. Carrefour entry into metaverse space has made them more relevant than ever before. It also makes them one of the first companies to enter this new frontier with its own business model. There are still many questions surrounding what will happen next but there is no doubt that big players like Amazon, Walmart or Tesco will follow suit sooner rather than later. And if they don't? Well, then we'll just call them dinosaurs!

In 2021 they used Fortnite's map editor to create "The Healthy Map" mode of play in a supermarket environment where eating fruits and vegetables gives life--the healthy side. You can't see more than work on their brand image for young customers while playing this game at the same time!.

Carrefour announces that it has purchased Sandbox's virtual parcels in the Metaverse. This will be the distributor's first interactive space in the Metaverse. A plot of land at 33.147 coordinates is one of the options made available by The Sandbox developers. Brands or individuals can privatize bits of this virtual landscape.

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