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How will work be in 2022?

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Remote work will continue

Most organisations have realised that the rigidity and disciple in a structure is extremely important to scale up. But then the downside of this rigidity is that it keeps away creators and creative talent. For long organisations were trying to create environments to encourage creativity and make it truly inclusive to accommodate creative talent.

The Pandemic seems to have solved the problem. Hybrid work environments are here to stay. Those who are inclined to creativity and find themselves chocked inside an office with all its guidelines are rules have suddenly found themselves with work opportunities without eclipsing their personal freedom. The millennials have replied that success is not about giving up personal life and time. The WFH to that extent has not only brought in a new set of workers into the work force it has also given life to those exploratory ones who were enslaved by the rules.

So with the Creative force integrated into rigid organisations and with 5G and Metaverse shuffling its feet on our foot steps, we are likely to see an explosion in the way Virtual Meetings take place.

Th software giant - Microsoft has made the first move. It has unveiled its own “mixed reality” version of the metaverse workplace. The endeavour to create better virtual spaces has just begun

So 2022 we will see witness the impact of technology on the world of work. It all gonna change.

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